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Orbeo purchases and markets all types of carbon credits (CER, ERU, VER) providing also project development services and financing arrangements to project owners, project developers and carbon aggregators.

Orbeo is a leading buyer of all kinds of CO2 instruments:

  • - a portfolio of more than 100 million CERs coming from Rhodia’s Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) projects and emission reduction projects developed by Orbeo;
  • - more than 2000 million tons CO2e purchased and sold worldwide since 2006.

Orbeo offers a technical and financial partnership for the benefit of the client to ensure safe project development.

Orbeo benefits from Rhodia’s experience in CDM projects development

  • - One of the largest project developers (the volume of CERs issued by Rhodia has represented 15% of all issued CER wordwide since 2006)
  • - Significant experience in N20 emissions reduction projects for having already successfully implemented a similar project in Chalampé (France) in 1998
  • - Rhodia has developed two of the largest N2O CDM projects to date on its South Korean and Brazilian adipic acid plants
  • - Rhodia has itself entirely conducted the industrial project as well as the definition of the N2O abatement methodology (AM 021) and the registration process with the CDM EB
  • - Among the few projects to issue CER already, and delivering more than 95% of anticipated credits

A portfolio of about 100 additional projects already issuing or under development

Expertise and skills to help you to develop your Kyoto projects

  • - Methodology approval
  • - Project Design Document writing
  • - Engineering studies
  • - Registration process
  • - Emission reduction monitoring, validation, issuance
  • - CER forward sales

Expertise and skills to help you to develop your Kyoto projects

  • - fast track registration
  • - comprehensive project and carbon flows management
  • - to develop a high-profit project
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Orbeo is a member of the main carbon exchange places:

  • ECX: Futures / ICE platform
  • BlueNext: Spot / Futures

Orbeo also offers Over-the-Counter (OTC) services.

Orbeo is a market liquidity provider and develops carbon services for industrials

  • - Manage emissions reduction projects
  • - Purchase of carbon credits generated by emissions reduction projects
  • - Purchase and sale of third parties carbon credits

Orbeo provides a weekly analysis review and other publications to detail the market movements and the drivers that impact it.

With Orbeo, you can ensure:

  • - Risk management for your positions
  • - High quality execution of orders
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Orbeo has developed high skills to give our clients the opportunity to have access to cost effective opportunities, while minimizing their risk. All around the world, we can bring them comprehensive solutions to meet their constraints and needs.

Optimisation of Client carbon portfolio:

  • EUAs, Guaranteed CERs
  • Green CERs
  • Non-guaranteed CERs
  • ERUs

Orbeo’s marketing team is dedicated to propose the best solutions:

  • - Purchase or sale of carbon credits (CER or ERU)
  • - Market intelligence and analysis
  • - Direct access to the carbon markets
  • - Solutions for business project finance

With Orbeo, you can ensure:

  • - cost-effective opportunities
  • - minimal risk
  • - achievement of your emission objectives

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