Products & services

  • Industrials
  • If you are a compliant industrial, for example in the areas of Power and heat, Oil & Gas, Glass & Cement, Paper & Board.

Orbeo’s offer: optimization & risk management


  • Kyoto credits CER / ERU
  • EU Allowances from phase II
  • VER
  • Quality CERs / quality swaps
  • EUAs phase III

Project development

  • Orbeo can help you develop carbon offsetting projects (CDM / JI / VER)
  • Orbeo gives you the tools to maximize your CER potential

Orbeo provides you the following services:

  • managing your position on Carbon Market
  • optimizing your portfolio
  • Governments / Supranationals
  • Governments are essential participants in the fight against climate change, Orbeo proposes solutions to help them reaching their emission reduction targets.

Orbeo’s offer: CER sales

Purchase large quantity of Kyoto credits CER / ERU

Different levels of guarantee, considering your risk profile

  • guaranteed CERs
  • non guaranteed “high quality” CERs
  • non guaranteed “riskier” CERs

Flexible delivery schedule fitting with your needs


  • Voluntary buyers
  • Even if you do not have the obligation to respect greenhouse gas emission constraints under the Kyoto Protocol, you can decide to neutralize part or totality of these emissions. Whether you are an industrial, an association, a public organization or an individual, we have the relevant offsets for you.

Orbeo’s offer: CO2 emissions offsetting

Sales of

  • Kyoto credits CER / ERU
  • VER

All our offsets are issued from robust and high environmental quality projects generating positive sustainable development benefits locally in the host countries (for example: better access to electricity for local populations, jobs creation in rural areas, community participatory process, schools and free clinic buildings)

Orbeo’s expertise is involved to guarantee emissions reductions that are:

  • real
  • measurable
  • verified and certified independently
  • additional
  • permanent

Orbeo portfolio is characterized by projects that are worldwide distributed and based on various technologies to offer our clients any customized offsetting strategy.

These projects are focused on sustainable development and can be based on:

  • reforestation and agro forestry
  • small hydro power
  • wind power
  • solar power
  • and other sources
  • Investors
  • If you are an investor (asset manager, association, individual), all the range of carbon products can be of interest for you. Orbeo can help you access these products.

Orbeo’s offer: all carbon products

Purchase and sales of:

  • Kyoto credits CER / ERU
  • EUA
  • VER
  • Financial institutions
  • As a bank or an investment fund, you can pursue different objectives ranging from carbon neutrality to an original investment strategy. Orbeo can procure carbon offsets equivalent to part or totality of your carbon footprint, coming from various sources including our own direct investments in emission reductions projects.

Orbeo’s offer: a large range of carbon instruments

  • Kyoto credits CER / ERU
  • EUA
  • VER